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Lorna Dane

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Name:Lorna Dane || Polaris
Birthdate:Jan 11

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alex not sucking, alex shut up, alex summers, alex what are you, alex you suck, alex/lorna, annie look my memories, annie sucks, bathing suits, beaches, beast, being a magneto, being a mutant, being an apocalypse wench, being hot, being inappropriate, being sane, bobby's gay shirts, bobby's ice dick, crystal, cute underwear, cyclops, degrees, dont you like nurses, everyone's a dick, feeling up bobbly, feeling you up, fuck you chuck austen, gambit is hot, genes, genosha, genosha not dying, geology, going into volcanoes, greeeeeen, green, green and purple otp, green hair, green is my power, green make up, haha annie, having a normal face, house of m, how was paris, i hate nurses, ice penis onmy face, iceman, ih8u malice, inhumans, jamie madrox, jean grey, jumping alex, let's be brother&sister, lol oops wedding, lorna dane, lorna get, luna, made of cutlery, magneto, magneto helmets, magneto is my daaaaadddd, meditation, metal, mutant power, my tongues stuck bobby, not being possessed, not genocide, not nurses, not weddings, omg more green, polaris, polaris/iceman, popsicle, purple also, quicksilver, raaaaage, rachel grey, rahne sinclair, scarlet witch, sexual healing, sexy memories, strippers, strong guy, teachers suck too, the government sometimes, the marauders suck, using bobby for headinjuries, val cooper i guess, warren worthington, x-factor
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